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Digital Trial Presentations

Controlling the presentation of evidence during trial is now more important than ever. Dynamic Evidence features state-of-the-art interactive electronic presentation technologies to persuasively and powerfully present the evidence in your case. Not only does it appeal to different juror learning styles, but it can also speed up trial proceedings. Dynamic Evidence can help simplify and enhance your presentation.


Research shows that verbal communication coupled with visual communication enhances recollection eightfold. Jurors today demand you make your point quickly. Your objective is to catch and keep jurors’ attention with well constructed exhibits and visual aids. Dynamic Evidence will help draw jurors’ attention and shape their perceptions by simplifying information in an appealing way.

We provide quick and flexible access to every exhibit in a case file and can present them onscreen during a hearing. We can display documents, transcripts, videos and images, such as accident scenes and surgeries as well as digital video deposition excerpts, complete with synchronized text from the transcript scrolling below.

We can also mark up document exhibits with highlighting, callouts, redactions, text, arrows, boxes and other items designed to call attention.

Let us help you present your case theme in a persuasive, sufficient, and professional manner. Give us a call today for a free demonstration! 201.313.6726

The Bottom Line: Visual Aids Help Win Cases.


Legal Video Services

We offer a complete line of cutting-edge video services for the legal industry. Our in-house, state-of-the-art broadcast-quality digital video production and post-production facilities ensure quality, creativity and confidentiality.

Following is a brief description of some of the many legal video services we offer. Please contact us if you have any questions or desire an in-office demonstration.

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A Day In The Life Documentary | Legal Settlement Documentary | Surgical Videography | Legal Photography | Accident Scene Documentation | Video Site Inspection | Video Drone Inspections | Video Editing | Video Conferencing | Litigation Support | Video & Text Deposition Synchronization And Captioning

A Day In The Life Documentary

In virtually every catastrophic injury case, a day-in-the-life documentary should be presented to the jury. This dramatic video will be the most dynamic and momentous evidence your jury will see. A well-prepared day-in-the-life documentary should strongly and accurately convey the lifelong physical and emotional pain and suffering that cannot be expressed through mere words alone.

Expert-prepared video settlement brochures are a persuasive and indispensable tool for litigators. We commonly produce video settlement brochures in medical malpractice, wrongful death, personal injury, products liability, wrongful termination and business litigation matters. A video settlement brochure should credibly present one or many aspects of a lawsuit to opposing counsel, but more importantly, to the insurance carrier and mediator. Convincing the latter provides you the persuasive edge you need to command meaningful settlement negotiations. It is a crucial step to ensure a favorable and expeditious settlement.

Surgical Videography

Dynamic Evidence specializes in the documentation of surgical procedures in the New Jersey and New York areas. Videotaping your client’s rehabilitation and surgical procedures after an accident shows the litigating members the extent of the injuries your client has sustained. Can an operative report accurately depict the pain in going through a Lumbar Nucleoplasty? I don’t think so! So bring you client’s pain and suffering into reality with High Definition Video Format.

If your firm uses depositions for later presentation in court and you’re not utilizing video, you’re missing a powerful tool that can provide a compelling and psychological advantage to your argument. Dynamic Evidence uses the latest in audio and digital video equipment to ensure a high-quality legal video recording. We provide the video on your choice of media with a variety of delivery options to coincide with your schedule.

Need a much more compelling video deposition? Dynamic Evidence can now provide the equipment to include your exhibits onscreen. Live video switching allows for the document to be presented full screen, while video of the deponent is positioned Picture-in-Picture. Playback at trial is much smoother and more efficient. No need to stop the video and pass exhibits to the jury.

We also specialize in complex video depositions with two camera live switching between the deposing attorney and the witness.

Video & Text Deposition Synchronization And Captioning

Video testimony for witness presentation can be an effective tool in the courtroom. We can help you to make video testimony more effective by digitizing it and adding synchronized captions. As the video subject speaks, the text from his or her deposition will be highlighted simultaneously.

Site Inspection Videography

A ‘Site Inspection’ is a professionally videotaped recording of a site or area where there is a faulty design, mold or any other site defect that needs thorough documentation. This video can also be used to document machinery malfunction or provide evidence for a product liability case. Site inspection videos are often considered evidence in your case and can be presented as such during trial or mediation. This includes a wide area covering environmental, safety, construction and engineering issues. Many times, a plaintiff or defense lawyer will hire an expert or investigator to do a detailed inspection and note their findings in a particular environment. We provide a detailed documentation of this event for litigation purposes and preservation of the event for trial. In a personal injury case, when you cannot bring the jury to the site, bring the site to your jury via a video tape.

We specialize in documenting various forms of evidence through digital still capturing. Our services include accident scenes, automobile damage, x-ray images, scar and injury, just to name a few.

Accident Scene Documentation

Dynamic Evidence has been involved with accident reconstruction cases in providing video of the road or site in question to get a POV (Point of View) shot of what the driver would see before the accident occurred and what the surrounding conditions were. We also provide in-depth documentation of roadways including area signage, traffic lights, stop signs and walkways. We have the capability of using and implementing vehicle mounted cameras to get an exact view of what the driver would have seen. We have also provided helmet mounted cameras for motorcycle accident cases.

Video Drone Inspections

Dynamic Evidence is pleased to introduce the radio controlled video drone into our array of services offered. We are capable of providing high definition aerial video and photographs as part of our video services. Create a unique viewing experience that captures all aspects above the area in concern. Aerial video inspections and aerial property scene videos can have a significant visual impact with high definition video . Dynamic Evidence uses state of the art radio drone technology integrated with user experience and high definition video.

Video Editing

We offer a complete line of cutting edge video services for the legal industry. Our in-house and mobile state of the art broadcast quality digital video production and post production facilities ensure quality and creativity. We offer complex video editing services such as various formats of video production, live video editing techniques such as multi-camera video depositions with live switching, picture in picture recording for multiple screens and video duplication services.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the perfect solution to help you save time, stress and the high cost of traveling as well as reducing environmental impact. Our video conferencing specialists are dedicated to serving the legal community and are highly skilled and experienced in video conferencing services for all types of legal proceedings such as:

  • Depositions
  • Expert Witness Consultations
  • Hearings and Arbitrations
  • Interviews
  • Settlement Conferences
  • Board Meetings

Dynamic Evidence also provides the following video conferencing services:

  • State of the art conference rooms and facilities
  • Complete business support from photocopying and catering
  • Audiovisual equipment including LCD and overhead projectors, screens, TV and VCR
  • Video streaming
  • Point-to-Point services
  • Multi-Point services
  • Bridging
  • Broadcast quality systems
  • Video recording
  • PIP recording
  • Single site and multi-site recording capabilities
  • On-site video production
  • Document viewer
  • Computer Integration
  • Court Reporting
  • Video/Text Synchronization
  • Document Scanning & Copying

When you need to meet with people located in various locations, Dynamic Evidence can place you, your client and/or prospect in one of our high quality, conveniently located video conference suites. Call us now to schedule a room or just simply schedule online now.

Litigation Support

Dynamic Evidence provides various forms of services at trial including digital trial management and presentation. We take all your hardcopy trial exhibits, paper and demonstrative evidence, and digitize to incorporate it into dynamic software for instant display at any given time. We have taken the burden of paper management at the court house off the trial lawyer’s shoulder so they can focus on their trial. We have experience in the demanding needs at state, federal and appellate court trials. We utilize state of the art trial presentation software and complex video editing techniques that will provide persuasive presentations to the modern juror.