About Dynamic Evidence

We're Dedicated To Providing Quality Digital Evidence

Dynamic Evidence was founded in 2001. We have provided specialized video services for litigation for over one decade. We have built a reputation working elite video assignments covering all areas of evidence documentation, both criminal and civil. Award Winning Films, Dynamic Evidence has successfully provided persuasive video documentaries and “Day in the Life” films, assisting attorneys in settling cases out of court, resulting in over $220 million in settlements. We have worked extensively for the catastrophically injured in documenting their total life change and providing your jury with an in-depth account of their current inabilities.

Complex Video Service Specialists

Dynamic Evidence offer’s certified senior video specialists with extensive experience in cutting edge techniques used by the masters of trial. We are confident that we can assist in providing the proper framework for a successful courtroom video. Dynamic Evidence has helped attorneys provide a more advanced method of evidence integration with everyday video services. We provide specialized services for complex multi-camera depositions with digital evidence integration and live switching between the deposing attorney and the witness for the real TV feel that is built for the modern juror.

State Of The Art Trial Services

Dynamic Evidence assists at trial with detailed litigation support services that integrate seamlessly with your trial strategy. We can provide your jurors with a full emersion into your clients’ case with the real forensic digital evidence in a precise manner. We are able to assist in the facilitation of evidence display in various forms of multimedia to grasp your jurors’ attention. A trial is fluid and dynamic. Trial plans change in the course of battle. Dynamic Evidence redesigns your evidence as the trial unfolds. As you command, Dynamic Evidence responds.

Dedicated To Providing Continuing Education For Trial Lawyers In The Forensic Video Field

Dynamic Evidence has participated in numerous lectures and presentations teaching and instructing legal professionals. We actively participate and lecture in seminars given by the NJ Bar Association, the American Association for Justice (formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America “ATLA”), The Melvin Belli Society, Rutgers Law School, The American Inns of Court, Bergen County Bar Association, Hudson County Bar Association, NJ Association for Justice and various other medical and legal associations.